The architectural styles of buildings talk a lot about the art and heritage of a location. The architectural styles of a particular city make it unique from its neighbouring areas. While talking about the architectural styles of locations in the UK, we cannot simply ignore the sheer importance of Tunbridge.

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The Rich History of Architecture in the Area:

Tunbridge is like a haven for those interested in the architecture of various locations. The place is well known for its historically important structures. The city was established in the 17th Century, where remnants of Pantiles and other architectural styles can still be found. The rich heritage of the location has inspired the architectural services in Tunbridge.

Popular Forms of Architecture in Tunbridge:

In the following section of this blog, you can find more about the popular architectural styles of the location. It will help one to learn more about the city’s Georgian past and explore the fine work done by the architects of the past.

  • Georgian Architecture: It is the dominant architectural style you will spot in nearly every city street. There are a few conserved areas nearby where you can find well-preserved properties with Georgian architecture. The construction materials of these structures consist of red brick, with occasional use of sandstone. You can find a dominant use of bay and sash windows in these buildings.
  • Victorian and Edwardian Structures: Though you might find a host of Georgian architecture in the city, Tunbridge is also famous for its Victorian and Edwardian structures. The Great Hall here is one of the most proficient examples of such a structure. The Victorian monuments and mansions are noted for their red bricks, sash windows and cupolas.
  • The Pantiles: These structures flourished in the 18th Century, marking the entry of the aristocrats into the town. They were attracted by the chalybeate, the water known for its iron-rich properties. It was customary for the aristocrats to move around ‘The Walks’, today known as the Pantiles. These are home to different grocery stores, shops, galleries and cafes.

These are some popular architectural structures that you can find in the area. You can take inspiration from these architectures and incorporate them into your property. Get in touch with reliable architectural services in Tunbridge for better assistance. You can collaborate with the team of SWG Designs Southeast Ltd, a well-known name in architectural services. They provide quality service to a wide range of clients around a wide area. For more information, you can visit their website.