Building your dream home is one of the most exhaustive tasks you may face. It is a big decision that consists of planning the architecture and style of the property. For this stage, it is important for you to take the help of a professional source.

Always Consult a Professional:

Only a well-known architectural service in Tunbridge can help you get the right design for your big project. Complete professional assistance in architectural design helps you get a sneak peek of what your grand residence may look like.

Important Stages of Architectural Design:

Typically, there are five basic phases in architectural design services. You can find them discussed in detail in the following part of the blog.

  • Schematic Design: It is regarded as the initial stage of architectural design work. You can regard it as the preliminary phase, where the client discusses the basic things about the project with the architect. On the other hand, the architect performs precedent research and analysis on the basics of the property. This includes studying the norms about zoning and building codes of the project.
  • Design Development: It is the next stage in the architectural design service, where the architect and client spend most time selecting the construction materials. The architect revises the initial drawing based on the client’s comments. This stage also includes the beginning of the preliminary engineering. This includes installing the plumbing and electrical system of the property.
  • Construction Documents: This is a vital stage of architectural design, where the client and the architect may be on the same page. At this stage of the procedure, the documents related to construction are the most vital possessions. These include the documents for bidding, construction and permit application.
  • Bidding: It is one of the crucial stages of architectural design, where the client selects a contractor. It involves signing a contract to proceed with the construction. The architect’s role here is to assist their client regarding the project. The client may have a lot of questions about their project, which the architect must answer with substantial information.

These are the important stages upon which the project’s architecture will be completed. The client needs to communicate with a reliable architectural service in Tunbridge. They can provide the best professional assistance to complete the project within a short time. One can visit SWG Designs to get quality assistance. They are professionals with years of experience and can come to help in architectural design.